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Sweet Hostage

The girl crying, a sensitive soul in love with life

Plants and trees sprouting birth, silencing her loneliness

Wanting no pain, no misery to bear

Though she sees reality clearly everywhere

She favors the lightness of being

Laughing away the sorrow, others laughing too.


She lives caring for others, laying responsibilities on herself

Often attaching to the tears of silent souls

Never caressing her own feelings

Her shyness lives in the mold of society hardly breaking

The rules to be angry; tough is not her nature

Making her dutiful and tender-hearted,

She stands alone, coming and going,

Watching for a friend, but only the water

That falls from her face, cupped in her hands, has power

Leaving her no nourishment of love or acceptance

Strangers are all she knows, strangely they are friends.


Her mind a vision of doubt, and anxious clamor

She hears, but responds to the next question, not the first

Her temper childlike, her pace slow

Socially, she is fast to reach others, while they wonder,

Yet do not ask, who she is or where she has been

She scouts for the poor, the hungry, and the meek

Finding them refuge, needing them as much as their needs.


Her body aches for rest, to hear waves rolling

To feel foaming froth on her legs

To see birds sailing the mountaintops

She delivers honesty, caution, and wisdom

Her tendrils flaring in notable ire for the travesties

That lie in broken bodies, beaten, and delivered to

 Wasteful swamps of passion, violence, greed, and hate.


And each new morning she renders her birthright to the wind

Tiptoeing to the window to breathe in the beauty of the day

Forgetting yesterday, and shutting out tomorrows

Creating the silhouette of justice

The bounty of living embers to stay stoked in the recesses of her heart

Strengthening the crevices opened by love and devotion.


Each day awaits her soft creations

A way to bring the girl of the past and the present together

United in pain and joy, breathing in the air of hope

Once more calling everyone friend, everyone home.