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Writing PromptsĀ 

11-1-21 - An orphaned Asian child that's nine years old is left at a monastery. Monks take him in. Write a story about his adventures as a child living amongst the monks.

- a girl aged twelve wants to enter a skateboarding competition but the boys in the neighborhood ridicule and bully her to keep her out of the contest. What happens?


10-1-21 - Each day a delivery of flowers appears at your door. A secret admirer? Or something else? 

- A homeless person follows you home. Every morning when you leave for work, he's still there on your doorstep waiting to help you down the front steps. He doesn't speak. You try writing a message, but it seems he doesn't read either. What do you do? What happens? What do you find out?


9-1-21 - You've run away from home with just a backpack of some necessities. You don't have much of a plan. You deliberate whether to hitch hike knowing its dangers. Do you put your thumb up and hitch a ride or not? Either way, what happens?

- You spend a year full of friends that have turned petty and jealous. Why? What happened? You write down your feelings every night in a journal. Write the story from the journal entries.


8-1-21 - You follow a group of high school students into a forest for a seance. What happens?

- A storm brews on an island and there is no shelter nearby. What do you do? Where do you go? There's no reception for a phone and the island is deserted.

- Write a summer love story.


7-1-21 - Walking through a dark forest, trees sway and bushes shake and when the wind calms down, there's one bush still shaking. Who or what could it be?

- a cat takes refuge on a docked boat looking for food and ends up on a journey before he can get off. When he's found by a crewman, the cat starts talking.


6-1-21 - there's a hidden door in a castle - what's behind it and who finds it?

- a newspaper reporter discovers a hidden treasure when vacationing and goes on a journey into the unknown

- a frightened mouse finds a friend (children's story)


5-1-21 - write a story or paragraph about a jealous ghost

- a young girl and boy find a deserted house with many cats in it

- walking in the woods, a woman gets lost; she finds a path of gold coins and follows it - where does it lead to? And why was she in the woods?


4-1-21 - where do you hide your Easter eggs? Make a story or paragraph on hiding places.

- what if an Easter bunny visited you - was it in a dream, or maybe when you opened the front door, the bunny greeted you with a package. What was in the package?

- when she opened the mailbox, several cards slid to the ground - what kind of cards were they and why were they there? make this a story about the mystery cards and include clues throughout the story.


3-1-21 - The man with rumpled clothes sat in the kitchen smoking a pipe talking to his wife and said. "What you see is what you get. What more do you want? Whatever it is, I'm sure I don't have it." The wife didn't answer him. Instead she got up and walked over to the sink. Filling a pot with cold water, she proceeded to dump it on her husband's head. "I just wanted you to pour me a cup of coffee. Since you wouldn't, I'll find someone who will." Within seconds, she grabbed her coat and pocketbook, slamming the door behind her.

- In a land far, far away where glaciers live long lives, sat a giant, a very lonely giant.


2-1-21 - a valentine card is left at your door with no signature as to who it's from

- two children discover a treasure in their backyard

- a twelve-year-old wakes up one morning and is not in her/his house, but whose house is it? Or do they wake up in a field or a garden or where?


1-1-21 - A box is left at your door. What's in it? Does it say who it is from?

- You leave town only to find the same problems and the same type of people. Do you leave and move again? If so, where do you go?

- Write about a newfound friend.


12-1-20 - The hole in the wall grew bigger and bigger.

- Santa came down the chimney and when he landed, there was a surprise. What was it?

- "It's time to leave. We have to go now!"


11-1-20 - Everything has changed. (Where, Why, Who, What, When)

- Jennifer hears sounds on the roof, sits up in bed, and shouts, "don't you hear it? Tom, wake up!" Tom is immovable. What happens next?


10-1-20 - I decided to change the world today.

- When the cow jumped over the moon, he landed in a new world.

- "I don't care what you think, I care what you do and you've done nothing to ease the pain, to further our relationship, plus you left dirty dishes in the sink again!"


9-1-20 - The child knew what was going to happen before it did.

- "Whatever you wish for will be given," said the witch.


8-1-20 - The nature of things is in the heart of things.

- A call from the wild sent sensations through the forest.


7-1-20 - "You were trained to ____________. What have you done?"

- "Watch for the signal. Then we start running."


6-1-20 - a magic seed that grew into ?

- a young boy was often told as he grew to "follow his heart." One night he dreamt of following his heart to discover what he wanted and where he was going. He actually found himself inside his heart and there was a path and a wizard within the heart's chambers waiting for him. Continue the story. What did he discover? How did the wizard help him?


5-1-20 - follow a trail of bird seed - what did you find? where did it end?

- proceed with caution; why?

- she carried her heart in her purse; one day she left it on a park bench - why? what happened? write the story.


4-1-20 - what if you couldn't speak? Describe how you express your love, your anger, your bliss without words

- eyes on the prize

- the wind blew ferociously, the flower petals fell on the grave, and I heard a whisper - what did it say and who said it?


3-1-20 - what would following your heart look like

- take a stroll through a park; write about what's most impressive to you and why

- a funny Easter


2-2-20 - "A strange thing happened the other day. I had a visitor which was utterly supernatural and scary, at first. He looked like someone I knew once, but no one came to mind. He gave me a note to read on wrinkled paper." (What did the note say?)

- describe a newborn

- a trip through the galaxies 


1-1-20 - write about your first kiss

- what kind of disguise would you wear when you show up for a masquerade party?

- take a trip to the North Pole; what would that be like?


12-1-19 - What would you write if a stuffed animal, doll, or toy of yours came to life?

-What if your date took you to see a movie you hated from the start. Would you just up and leave the theater? Would you say anything to him/her?

-The night was chilly as I walked the lonely, deserted streets. The lights from the street lamps comforted me until suddenly they went out. Lights flickered in and out from lamps inside buildings and then everything went dark. A complete blackout. What do you do?


11-1-19 - Write a paragraph or story about "integrity."

-Alice leaned over the side of the boat pulling the rope towards her, trying to bring ______________back on board, but there was nothing at the end of the rope.

-He lay sprawled on the sidewalk and everyone just walked by.


-10-1-19 - How do you know when your heart is breaking?

- what fiend or friend climbed into your bedroom window?

- did you ever get in trouble for something you didn't do, because maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or with the wrong person?


9-1-19 - the universe - it hiccupped, then it had bad indigestion, and then it went pop.

- write a story about a love you once had and why it was the best or the worst

- the boy kicked the metal bucket around the neighborhood, up and down the street, causing a racket - why? what happened? what was he feeling?


8-1-19 - I opened the cupboards. Empty. There was nothing to eat except a stale, molding bologna sandwich in the 'frig. This was the last house to find anything. "Where to next?" asked her robber friend. "I don't know. There's not another house on this road."

- Describe your bedroom in full detail. 

- Write about your first kiss.


7-1-19 - What happens when taking a walk in the park or what do you see along the way?

- Are women equal yet? A paragraph or story of equality or inequality

- Write something about what a person you think dysfunctional might be


6-1-19 - Once there was a lion with a bellyache who ate too many people.

- Lying in the shade heated thoughts died, worries turned into ice cream, and sadness skipped away over the grass to make a home away from home. 

- Turn your troubles of the day or a day in the past into a short story. Even one page or a paragraph is enough.


5-1-19 - Sulking in the woods

- A day of wonder

- What if you're driving or riding your bike and suddenly everything around you becomes unfamiliar and changed


4-1-19 - Something to think about: Fairy tales are more than true - not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. Write one page of a fairy tale.

- Write a story of loss (whatever type of loss you wish to write about)


3-1-19 - Write a short scene about a character who is caught in a storm. Why are they there? What happens?

- "And then all at once I wasn't dreaming anymore. I was awake, but I could still see her face, her lovely, brown face, with pigtails and an enormous smile that made me think she was real. She was right there in front of me and I knew then it was a sign, a good sign, of something happy to come."


1-31/2-1-19 - Use these four words in a paragraph:  telegraph, pizza, key, water


1-18-19 - If you woke up one morning and found yourself in the Land of Oz traveling to see the Wizard, why are you going? What would be your request? 


1-11-19 - You're seeing a snowfall for the first time. Describe it and how it makes you feel.


1-5-19 - You're eating breakfast and suddenly an apparition appears at your table. Who/what is it? Describe how it looks, if it speaks, and why it's there.