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Poems/Short Stories

Here you will find pieces I snipped from some of my completed poems and short stories. Just a sliver for now to wet your ageless brow. 



A Sloth is a Sloth 


I'm so tired

Let's go to bed

To himself he said

It's time to refresh 

My weary head



A Birthday Invention


Grandpa's eyes twinkled as he gazed at the invention from Billy. Billy was eight. Grandpa was very proud of his grandson. Billy disassembled leftover scraps of discarded materials from the household and turned them into something useful. He once made a napkin holder for his mom, and a wooden box with a lid that he painted and decorated with stickers and emblems to store the things he treasured which he kept under his bed. Billy walked forward and put his gift into Grandpa's hands. "Billy, you are a true inventor. How did you ever make such a wonderful cane?"