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Wrong Choices

Line from the 2014 movie The Equalizer with Denzel Washington

"Sometimes we make the wrong choices to get to the right place"


Fact:  Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment granted the right to vote for all women and guaranteed all American women the right to vote.


It took a heck of a long time and a lot of choosing and making the wrong decisions before getting to the right place for women. And we're still fighting. Always have and we always will. Doesn't seem right, does it, for things to be so hard, unfair, and prejudiced. Women still rank highest in receiving domestic violence, salaries for women are unequal with men, and though we've come a long way since the dawn of time, there are still many areas of inequality we must fight against and learn how to do better for ourselves and how not to accept these inequalities for a lifetime.


Can you think of a wrong choice you made and got to the right place? I've questioned the marriage choices I made yet I did get to the right place. I always wanted children. I never saw myself without them. I have two beautiful grownup children from my first marriage. And my second marriage, (what was I thinking? brain freeze) I remember wanting to live by the shore, and though that marriage broke up while living there, I did get to live near the ocean only minutes away. And afterwards I took up exercising and lost fifty pounds and went back to school to earn a college degree. And loving someone other than yourself is never a bad idea and it lasts as long as there's genuine love, trust remains, and you're not in danger.


When it comes to children the right place lasts always. There's nothing better than having that privilege to nurture and protect children and teens at every stage until they can make their own lives. We can learn much from them and vice versa, of course. For me there's never a doubt in that area.


We all make mistakes and I read once that mistakes are only information. We learn, we grow. We can set aside regrets when we realize that we've just been informed.


Depending what the wrong choice is or was or maybe it was a poor choice, sometimes it doesn't always turn in the right direction and may take a long time to do so. I think we all know that. But even if that choice brought us misery or misfortune, it's best to remember we can always pick ourselves up and start over. You can begin again no matter your age. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to know how to steer to find the best way out. One step in the right direction no matter how small will get you there. And my heart believes anyone can find it.


Comments are always appreciated. Keep reading, keep writing, keep believing, keep searching, and keep trying. Thanks for visiting. 


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