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Two Movie Quotes

In the movie Lost In Translation, Bill Murray's character states, "The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you."


I believe most of us can say we are lost at times, or moments. Whatever is spinning in our heads that may resemble worrying about something or about all the things we have to do, whether we're thinking about the past or the future, or we're just not understanding what the other is saying and maybe we're overthinking a situation, all these alert us that we've departed from the present and we're taking a side trip. I've been guilty of all of the above.  


The more we know who we are – when I think how to do this, it seems to me we'd have to sit down and take some alone time with ourselves to reflect or work out possible solutions to any problems we may have. If one session doesn't do it to clear things up, then we can revisit it at another time, or we might have to talk it over with someone we trust. The least we can do is take the time to venture out of all the side trips maybe taken while driving or doing schoolwork, while working, and so on. We can make a mental note saving it for later or you might try writing it down if possible, but not while driving. It's definitely not safe then. Also, I like the ideas of trying something new, spending time with others familiar and unfamiliar, and just taking a break from the usual to get to know ourselves better. It's a journey of good risks and putting focus where we're happiest. If you like or love to write or read, there's plenty here on my website to help move you forward and keep you in the present. It's been said that every book read changes us.


Knowing what you want – that's just as big of a challenge, if not harder. Maybe for some it's easy, but I don't know many that find it so. But if we spent time knowing who we are and what we want, we wouldn't have time to let things upset us, so the script says. I think that script says something important for all of us to try or think about.


In conclusion, I like what Garfield, the cat, says in Garfield: The Movie, whose voice was portrayed by Bill Murray, "just another splattered bug on the windshield of my life." I often think of this quote when troubled which makes me smile. It's one way to stay in the present and be less upset or bothered.


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