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New published chapbook 
See description under Works page and sample

Giulietta is Italian for Juliet or Juliette, however you wish to spell it, and the Giu sounds just like a J. She is Italian American, born in the US. She is a degreed writer. She has worked as a Supplemental Instructor for English college students, and two of her poems were published in the college’s literary and art magazine, Seascape. She also was Secretary and one of the Associate Editors for Seascape during college years. In addition, she studied basic and advanced writing for children and teens with the Institute of Children’s Literature, Connecticut. In addition to writing, she works part-time as a substitute teacher in her area for elementary school children. She is a writer of middle grade fiction novels, poems, and short stories for children and teens, some for adults and always for the ageless. She is a former government worker, reflexologist and nutritionist.

Born in Manhattan, she was brought to NJ at the early age of one year, along with nine other siblings and did not get the New York experience at all. As far as growing up in such a large household, she says, “Quite an experience and memorable.” Her mother was the backbone of the family that gave relentlessly of herself day or night. A woman that defined unselfish love, sacrificed much, and was the love of her life. Her father worked tirelessly seven days a week.

She is working currently on a middle grade fantasy novel. You may see summaries of her other completed middle grade novels under the Writings tab. 


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-Note - Giulietta's blog has been relocated to Many of her blog articles, fiction stories, and poems have been published on Medium and you can access them via the links on her Free Writings page here or follow her at: She hopes you continue to visit her here and there on Medium. 


-New - A new fiction short story has been added to Medium:  A Magic Maker; also added were some new poems:  A Mysterious Face; Aching Heart; And two non-fiction articles: Love Notes Part II; When It Storms, Think of Zeus. Go to or see links under her Free Writings tab.

-New - Giulietta has been on Tumblr as Mimi, the Mad Queen for over a year now. You may find and follow her at: There's a little more about Mimi also in her fifth newsletter, Writer's Soup V at her News tab. 

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Please note that Giulietta includes many book and author recommendations on her site, writing prompts, and news comments which are updated monthly on the first. She welcomes comments.