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12-14-18 - Hi - New blog heading - finally! Blog article done, though I haven't decorated the page yet. Hope it's good reading for you. As always, new writing prompts are up also, besides the blog, and there's one new book/author suggestion for middle grade. Enjoy. Keep reading, keep writing. Have a great weekend.


12-6-18 - I'm swamped in boxes and wrapping paper. How about you? Working on first blog article. Keep checking back. Should be posted before Christmas gets here. Will work on a new newsletter for you after the holidays. I congratulate all those who have gotten all their Christmas shopping done. Well done. I've posted one new author/book suggestion in the adult list, left column. In 2019, I will be removing some of my suggestions so that the column isn't forever long. So, take a look and copy before renovations take place. That goes for my writing prompts. There's new ones posted today and next year, some will be removed also to decrease the list size. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting.


11-30-18 - I'm early writing this to you today. It's actually Thursday, but working tomorrow and wanted to get some news out to you on time. In the left column under this heading, I've added a new middle grade book/author suggestion and one for the continuation of The Bear and the Nightingale, entitled The Girl in the Tower. A Russian tale that's magical, charming, and captivating. The story of the heroine Vasilisa will enchant you. Plus, I've added an adult read suggestion. Janet Evanovich is no slouch, for sure. She's an awesome writer and her new Stephanie Plum series novel is out, her twenty-fifth in this series; all are fun and exciting. Also, a reminder. I add new writing prompts every Friday. While you're here, please take a look. Keep reading, keep writing! Thanks for visiting.


11-23-18 - Hi - I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday. I'm so grateful for all visitors to my site. Please scout around and see my works and suggestions for books and authors. I'm working on a blog at the moment and my fourth middle grade novel which is magical this time, not contemporary as the others I've written. Have a great holiday weekend. And to those who shop today 'til they drop enjoying Black Friday sales, you are very brave. Have fun. 


11-15-18 - Hi, I've added a couple of new suggestions for YA. Want to mention last week's suggestion of The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden which is a phenomenal Russian tale. Couldn't put it down. Not just for YA. Also for adults. Bewitching and a retelling of a dark fairy tale. Hard not to love it. I hope you're checking my writing prompts which have additions, like the book/author suggestions, every Friday; sometimes I get them in early on Thusday like today, though it's listed as Friday's date. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Much love to you all. Thanks for visiting.


11-9-18 - Hi - I've added a few more new book/author suggestions today in YA and Adult. I hope you had a good Halloween. I'm looking forward to the forthcoming holidays with all its busyness. In my first newsletter, Writers Soup, I left an idea for making a gift with a link to go to. Both newsletters have fun things to do. You can sign up for them or read them here in the right column under the News heading. Working on a blog. Keep checking back. Thanks for visiting.


11-2-18 - Wow - November already! With the winter months forthcoming, I hope you have many good books to curl up with on wintry days and nights and I hope you're trying some of my book/author suggestions here on my site. Adding a few new ones today. I'm working on blog ideas which I will try to get started by the end of the year. Keep an eye out for it. Thanks for visiting.


10-26-18 - Have a cold - Eek! Some changes on hold because of that. Please enjoy scouting around on my website and reading my newsletters. New book/author recommendations on hold until next Friday. Writing prompts today is a quote. Happy Halloween! 


10-19-18 - Newsletter is complete! You can sign up to have it sent to you or read it here in the right column - titled, Writer's Soup II. New book/author recommendations posted in the left column. Also, I've added a Non-Fiction section at the bottom. Thanks for visiting.


10-12-18 - My next newsletter is in progress. Please look out for it sometime this month which can be read here in the right column where my first newsletter, Writer's Soup, is located or you may sign up for it. One new book suggestion this time only for middle graders. Have a great weekend.


10-5-18 - Still discovering new authors. So much fun and great adventures. New author for me, Kwame Alexander, who wrote The Crossover for ages 10+ and won a Newberry Award medal for it, and recently read by me was his picture book called Surf's Up. Awesome, fun book for younger aged children. The Crossover is a story told through poems and basketball "rules." A book about twin brothers who are basketball stars striving for a championship. I listed new authors and their novels to the left under middle grade, YA, and picture books. Take a look. My lists are getting long. I will have to shorten them so be sure to copy or write down my lists so you don't miss any suggestions. I will be adding new authors and novels regularly. Thanks for visiting. Keep reading, keep writing. PS - I'm working on a new newsletter. Check back in a week or two to see if I've posted it yet in the right column, but it will come out this month. In the meantime, Writer's Soup is my first newsletter and you can read it here in the right column or sign up for it.  


9-28-18 - Discovering new YA authors which I've listed in the left column under Books/Authors to Try, such as Melina Marchetta and Deborah Harkness. Check the titles of their books there. I again recommend Karen Cushman who is tops for middle graders and Cassandra Clare for YA. Both are exceptional. You may like to read some other news from me which I've composed in a newsletter found in the right column titled Writers Soup where you can also find some fun things to do. Keep reading, keep writing. 


9-21-18 - I am reading middle grade novel Grayling's Song by Karen Cushman. I recommend her highly. Her book The Midwife's Apprentice was excellent and this is turning out to be the same. She's a very awesome writer if you'd like to try her. In YA, I also recommend Cassandra Clare books. See a few of her books on my list to the left. In my newsletter Writers Soup here in the right column, I have a link to Simon and Schuster's guide to Cassandra Clare's book series The Mortal Instruments to tell you more about the books in this series. Enjoy. Have a great weekend. Keep reading, Keep writing!


9-14-18 - Weathering a cold which always gives me the opportunity to rest. Newsletter, though website was configured, is done, but I have to transfer it to website. You can still sign up for it. I'll be sending it out this month. Thanks and have a great weekend. PS - you can also read it here under 'News' heading on the right where it says Writers Soup. Click on that. 


9-8-18 - Hurray - newsletter is configured. You can sign up under this heading "News" over in the right column which asks for your e-mail address. Thanks for subscribing.



Well, newsletter is done but having some technical difficulties today so I may have to change format. Please check back next week. My newsletter will come out monthly once setup is done during the first week of the month. Hoping you sign up for it and they tell me past issues will be retained and available. I'm new at this, so not sure how all that works, but it's good to learn. I do add or make a few changes to Writing Prompts and Books/Authors to Try under News heading for weekly viewing on Fridays. Have a wonderful weekend. See you soon.



I'm still working on the newsletter I mentioned to you in my last news update. Almost there. Come back for a look next Friday. New changes inside my headings this time were made just to Writing Prompts, two new ones for you, and a new heading was added called Poems/Short Stories. If you're new to my website, then all content under my headings will be new to you. So, browse around if you like and I wish you a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! 



I'm working on getting everything I list in my website's "News" heading and turning it into a newsletter. So, if you don't see changes for a week, it's because I'm working on a free newsletter which I hope you sign up for. My fourth middle grade novel, A Good Witch, is in progress. I will give you a peek in one of my newsletters as it progresses. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting.



Hi - I thought you might like hearing about a Marvel comic hero called Luke Cage who I've just discovered. The series appears on Netflix streaming. He's bullet proof, can't be blown up or set on fire. He's a hero to the community in Harlem. He has a couple of sidekicks in the series, a police officer who lost her arm and now has a super metallic one. She's pretty awesome too. He also has a friend Daniel Rand called The Iron Fist who has a powerful hand that lights up and demolishes. It's pretty exciting. There are two seasons so far to watch and the series is geared more for YA and adults. Or you may want to read about them in comic books through Google Books and you can find more comics of him and others in places online like Georgetown Comics, etc. once you do a search. Have fun and have a great weekend. Keep reading and writing!



Hi - I thought I would talk to you about a book I listed under YA, Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan which is out of print as I noted, but you can still get a copy through Amazon at or you can hunt around for it. Just copy and paste the URL. It's fantasy at its best. The heroine is a light in the dark. She is called to be Handmaiden to the Firelord who is most powerful of all. You won't forget Elsha in this story. It's wonderfully written and left a mark on me as it was the novel that made me want to write YA someday. Though I write middle grade at present, I'm working towards a YA novel which has been formulating in my brain, so I started notes for it. I hope you enjoy this wonderful book by Ms. Jordan. Other books of hers can be obtained from the library. She has won many prestigious writing awards. Thanks for visiting. 



Happy Friday! I'm a bit late putting in some additions to the Writing Prompts and Books/Authors sections. Sorry. I'll be posting on time from now on. Hope you like and try the new suggestions or the previous ones I listed. A picture album project kept me overly busy today and I still have about five photo boxes to go through. Enjoy your weekend. You know what I'll be doing besides writing and reading. Thanks for visiting. 



Fourth middle grade book, A Good Witch, in progress. 

YA, Astrid of the Woods, in beginning stages.