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Writing Prompts 

7-1-19 - What happens when taking a walk in the park or what do you see along the way?

- Are women equal yet? A paragraph or story of equality or inequality

- Write something about what a person you think dysfunctional might be


6-1-19 - Once there was a lion with a bellyache who ate too many people.

- Lying in the shade heated thoughts died, worries turned into ice cream, and sadness skipped away over the grass to make a home away from home. 

- Turn your troubles of the day or a day in the past into a short story. Even one page or a paragraph is enough.


5-1-19 - Sulking in the woods

- A day of wonder

- What if you're driving or riding your bike and suddenly everything around you becomes unfamiliar and changed


4-1-19 - Something to think about: Fairy tales are more than true - not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. Write one page of a fairy tale.

- Write a story of loss (whatever type of loss you wish to write about)


3-1-19 - Write a short scene about a character who is caught in a storm. Why are they there? What happens?

- "And then all at once I wasn't dreaming anymore. I was awake, but I could still see her face, her lovely, brown face, with pigtails and an enormous smile that made me think she was real. She was right there in front of me and I knew then it was a sign, a good sign, of something happy to come."


1-31/2-1-19 - Use these four words in a paragraph:  telegraph, pizza, key, water


1-18-19 - If you woke up one morning and found yourself in the Land of Oz traveling to see the Wizard, why are you going? What would be your request? 


1-11-19 - You're seeing a snowfall for the first time. Describe it and how it makes you feel.


1-5-19 - You're eating breakfast and suddenly an apparition appears at your table. Who/what is it? Describe how it looks, if it speaks, and why it's there.


12-28-18 - A summer's day

- A walk in winter - what do you hear?


12-20-18 - First love

- Santa Claus

- My favorite holiday memory


12-14-18 - Faults

- It's never too late


12-6-18 - Some time had passed since I had seen him, and now that he was standing in front of me with an apology, with his hand extended, I thought how can I really forgive when I can't forget? 

- Fairy tales can sometimes be true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.


11-30-18 - "It's too far for me, I will never be able to reach our destination."

- I heard a crash and ran to the sound. The broken clock lay on my kitchen floor. 


11-23-18 - A mysterious disappearance

- My favorite holiday ornament


11-15-18 - Strangle

- Write about someone caught in a storm


11-9-18 - "What happened Sunday?"

- "Never, ever do that again!"


11-2-18 - I heard a crash and ran to the sound.


10-26-18 - Quote:  "So many books, so little time."
― Frank Zappa (via Goodreads)


10-19-18 - Shade:  Lying in the shade heated thoughts die, worries turn into ice cream, and sadness skips over the grass to make a home away from home. Trees are the ultimate friend, so we should love and care for them like a brother or sister for when they are gone from this world, there is no replacement.


10-12-18 - Hollow is the heart where there is no love.

- There once was a man who had nine lives.


10-5-18 - Nothing changes if nothing changes.

- Walking through the forest, a light appeared.


9-28-18 Line from movie (for inspiration - maybe a story about a character possessing this strength):

- "Superior attitude, superior mind" Steven Seagal in movie Hard Target


Prompt: "Wherever I go, you go with me"


9-21-18 Quote and/or Writing Prompt

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." Helen Keller



There was no one waiting at the corner like he said.

- He lay sprawled on the sidewalk and everyone just walked by.




Alice leaned over the side of the boat pulling the rope towards her, trying to bring - ______________back on board, but there was nothing at the end of the rope.



I opened the door and a green mist came towards us from the woods.

- The dame has no name; the frame is empty; both mean the same.



Flowers growing on the rooftop

- Describe someone in prayer mode

- Write about happening(s) that occur in a movie theater

- Winter tale




- Vindictive 

- Copasetic 

- "The truth is, I couldn't, I didn't ________________________."



He awoke suddenly, and the apparition before him ________________. 

- The sign read, "Kids World. We are now in charge." 

- Conversation while under a hair dryer. "It was your aunt that did that? It was your uncle that did that? No? It was your sister? Your mother? No way. She wouldn't do that. It must have been your brother. Where you going? You're not dry yet." Patron walking away, "IT WAS MY FATHER!"



"The face outside my window" 

- "Fiction is better than friction" 

- Create a poem with the words, falling leaves 

- Write a paragraph about your favorite thing or thing to do 

- "Transformation" 



"I gazed into the looking glass and the surrounding walls began to crumble."  

- "I ventured into the darkness"  

- "Marbelized"